A root canal is dealing with restoration and save a badly dented or infection tooth. In the root canal treatment removing the damaged area and clean that part. After cleaning that part is fill and closed it.

Symptoms are in which included:
  • Severe pain while you are chewing the food.
  • When we eat cold or hot food It will cause pain.
  • The Colour of tooth is changed.
  • Swelling and tenderness is near by gum.
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    if your tooth is infected, X-rays will show a dark spot located at the tip of the roots of the tooth. This indication is called radiolucency, which means that changes have occurred caused by the infection developing inside the tooth.

    Step By Step Procedure of root canal:
  • Place a sheet of rubber in which your teeth receiving treatment pokes up.
  • Use dental drill to make a hole through the surface of the root.
  • When the cavity is access, the dentist will also remove tooth decay and any loose or fragile portion of the teethor its filling.
  • The length of the tooth will be measured by two method. First is X-Ray and second is Electronics measurements
  • Cleaning and Reshaping the tooth root canal.
  • Sealing and Placing a temporary filling.

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